Changes due to Reduction in Funding

As a charity we are dependent on the donations and grants we receive. Most recently a large part of our funding for core activities has been from “Reaching Communities”. This support ceased on December 1st 2019, and to date we are unable to bridge the funding gap that this leaves, despite many often complex applications.

Delivering our current level of service, safely and professionally with clients with complex needs, requires money which we no longer have, and reluctantly have chosen to reduce the service we offer for the foreseeable future. The intention is to increase our service again as soon as we are able, meanwhile continuing a reduced service.

The result is not only the pain of being unable to provide places for as many clients, but also losing loyal, skilled and experienced staff. For us this is like the separation of an extended family of supporters and supported. Our loyal volunteers will feel the effect of these changes and we shall work with them through this difficult time.

We are trying to manage the process in a way that is fair, equitable and inclusive. It will cause upset to many people and is very difficult and sad. However we have weathered financial difficulties in the past and will continue to apply for funding. We remain positive and hopeful.

If you can help us in any way please get in touch.