Student Placements

Placement Opportunities in SAGE
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Student placements

In the past we have welcomed Occupational Therapy Extended Scope Placement students and Social work student first placements but are open to welcoming students from other departments and programmes.

Placements provide an opportunity to get hands on, quality experience as part of a small an supportive team. Students will get involved with client support, one to one and group faciliation, horticultural therapy, arts activities and the singing group. This is a service that focusses on recovery journeys for people whose mental illness is causing them to struggle to engage with mainstream services. It is a non-clinical approach and we don not provide medical advice.

Our 5 allotment sites in Burngreave have a range of clients, attracting a significant proportion of People of Colour. Some of our services are women only. Formerly we ran 4 groups per week, one being women only, another for adults in receipt of a personal budget and the last two being large mixed groups. However, currently due to funding constraints we are not able to offer as many groups and most horticultural therapy is delivered on a Tuesday. We also support adults progressing to further activity beyond SAGE promoting well-being so hope to help you explore Sheffield's community networks.


For social work students the placement provides opportunities to shadow all aspects of SAGE’s work and enables students to consider all areas of the Professional Capabilities Framework.

OT and social work students become part of the team for the duration of their placement and expected to attend fortnightly team meetings.  There may also be opportunities to attend various network meetings that we engage with as part of scoping need and opportunities in the area.