Richard Dolman

Chair of Trustees

I became involved in SAGE in 2018 after seeing at first hand the benefits of gardening on mental health through a project I was working on in a different part of Sheffield. Being a keen gardener myself I am passionate about using the natural world around us to help us manage our mental health as I have found that when I engage with the natural world, whether it be through gardening or enjoying walking or cycling, my mental health is improved and I am a more rounded person. I have also seen the effects of poor mental health in our society in the form of isolation and not being able to work, which has the detrimental effect on self-esteem and loss of personal value. I work in the business world, and these are issues that affect businesses ability to plan and run effectively. The work that SAGE does in this area helps people to connect together and build resilience for everyday life that most people take for granted. SAGE does this very effectively and the many testimonies from members shout out that they find this incredibly helpful for their own mental health helping them to achieve things that they would never have done otherwise.