our impact

Our members tell us that we make a difference to their lives. One member said "I wish I could bottle the essence of this group and put it on the NHS".

What difference do we make?

During 2018 we delivered over 696 hours of support to over 128 members with mental health issues. In additional a total of 243 'progressions' were made where members attended an event or workshop outside of the normal group, demonstrated a change in behaviour, engaged in an activity at the group which helps them develop, or left the group to undertake a different (positive)change.

SAGE Greenfingers

During 2018 we...

  • Worked with 119 different adults with mental health issues
  • Delivered 190 separate sessions
  • Delivered over 570 hours of Social Therapeutic Horticulture
"Coming to SAGE relieves the worries I have"

Singing through the Seasons Group

During 2018 we...

  • Worked with 23 different adults with mental health issues
  • Delivered 41 separate sessions
  • Facilitated over 82 hours of singing of therapy
I love the singing group - it's everything to me. This is my home and my family where I know I am safe and accepted. It's given me a voice I never thought I'd find again and makes me smile and feel confident

Our Successes

We are most proud of...

  • SAGE being pioneers in Green Prescribing movement, recognising the benefits of engagement with creativity & green spaces to support an individual's mental health.
  • The fact that SAGE was set up during the original  £52 million Burngreave New Deal for Community funding, we only received a very small percentage of the BNDC funding, and we have continued to deliver our services to today. Indeed, we believe we are the only stand alone project to continue.
  • The fact we have no deadline for members leave, no time limits, which means we are regularly instrumental in members building their Mental Health back up due to the regular contact which means we can spot the small changes and provide information and support as required.
  • The relationships and trust we build with our members which leads to increases in their self-esteem and confidence and ultimately leads to them making progress and undertaking new activities and experiences.
  • The stories our members tell us about how key we have been in them turning their lives around.
  • The fact that we adapt to and respond to the needs member bring, we don’t make members fit into our model or activities but rather support and encourage them to engage in their areas of interest, which ultimately leads to reduced social isolation and improved well-being.
  • Securing accreditation at level 2 in the Trusted Charity Mark, formally PQASSO, this despite a challenging year due to the change in Director and Chair of Trustees.
  • In 2018, we held our first ticketed fundraising activity, Greenfingers Question Time, and held our first paid for workshop, the Christmas Wreath making workshop. These events are helping us to learn about new small sources of funding which supplement our main grant income.

We are proud to have various connections with other organisations that also aim to support mental health of individuals in Sheffield. These organisations include:

  • local GP surgeries (such as Pitsmoor Surgery),
  • The Mental Health Partnership Network,
  • ASSIST Sheffield (for people who are seeking sanctuary and who have been refused asylum),
  • S.O.D.I.T- User led women's mental health charity supporting women with depression and related mental health distress in& South Yorkshire.
  • Sheffield Flourish - works on digital and community projects focused on mental health
  • Green City Action.- support mental health & well-being through connections with green spaces.

Telling our stories

We love tell you how we are making a difference, but would rather leave it up to our members, volunteers and staff to tell you.

What they say about us?

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