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11am to 2pm

Women Only Group


Mixed Groups

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Greenfingers is our core horticulture service based on Grimesthorpe allotments in Burngreave in inner-city Sheffield. It was set up in 2004 and now spans 5 beautiful allotments where we support around 50 vulnerable adults per week.

We offer a friendly, accessible local group, promoting positive mental and physical wellbeing and welcoming men and women of all ages and origins. Our members benefit from getting out of the house, getting exercise in the fresh air, meeting other people with similar experiences, making new friends and by losing themselves in activities which help them forget their problems. Plus they get to eat healthy home grown, organic vegetables!

Session information

The session consists of meeting over a hot drink to decide what to do and then getting involved in gardening (as energetic or light as suits you); cooking lunch for the group from the organic fruit and veg we grow; varied art and crafts activities; occasional trips out (local countryside, cafés, garden centres etc.). Lunch is then eaten as a group towards the end of the session.

We can provide gloves, gardening boots, waterproofs and tools.


Our site was designed according to the principle of therapeutic horticulture and accessibility for all. The main site is accessible by wheelchair, as is one of the 2 toilets at the top of the site.  We have raised beds that are wheelchair accessible and platform beds for anyone who prefers to garden standing up or sitting down. We also have a quiet space – a peaceful place surrounded by flowers and an olive tree, with a view over the city.

Is it for you?

Are you feeling low, isolated or anxious? Are family commitments, caring responsibilities or work stresses getting you down? Are you recovering from PTSD or a survivor of abuse? Do you have long-term mental health problems such as bipolar disorder? These are just some of the reasons why people come to our Greenfingers project.

How do I join?

Contact us to request a referral form which we would like to be filled in by a GP, Counsellor, Support Worker, Community Psychiatric Nurse (CPN) but understand if you wish to self-refer.