Singing Through the Seasons

The women’s singing group meets every Monday during term-time and at pre-arranged times in the holidays

You don't need any musical knowledge or ability to join our singing group. The benefits come from being in a group of supportive women, singing together helps reinforce friendship, shared experience and co-operation.

Session Information:

We begin with group-building activities and move onto singing warm-ups, including physical relaxation, breathing and gentle vocal exercises. Then we learn simple songs in parts. As part of this process, we encourage sharing and discussion, so that people get the chance to be part of the group.  

A tea and coffee break give members the opportunity to have a chat, and get to know one another better, and widen the social network.

Performances: Those women who feel confident to do so give occasional performances. The group is invited to sing at fundraisers and local events to help publicise SAGE’s work

Cost: We suggested a contribution of £2 per person per session

Accessibility: Our venue is wheel chair accessible and we welcome everyone!

Howto join: If you are interested to find our more about the group, please phone SAGE on 0114 6980027 or email: