Sing Away the Blues

Richard Wade

July 16, 2019

Sheffield Catherderal Concert 2019

8th of February 2019 saw 600 people join our celebration of the power of community and singing and the benefits it brings in terms of mental health, physical wellbeing and social support. Everyone sand their hearts out throughout the emotional and uplifting performance.

The concert marked the end of a year of workshops for the SAGE Singing Through the Seasons Group, in the grand setting of Sheffield Cathedral, supported by three local Choirs:

The women from the Singing Through the Seasons Group were asked what singing in the group means to them. Their words below were then put together by Kate Thomas and set to music:

We've found a place just to be, where we can slow our pace

Everyone I meet here becomes a part of me

Before we say a word, we are silently connected

by this warmth and the magic of song


Bright rainbow colours light my spirit, fire my soul,

It's my sunshine on a rainy day, my sunshine


I was thirsty, now I'm drinking from this river of song

It's given me a voice I thought I'd never find again

Soaring, interweaving, together we make an exceptional song

And now I'm standing tall, standing strong