Dr Will Carlile

Chair of Trustees

I joined the trustee board because I believe that the work engaged in by SAGE Greenfingers is life-changing for the many people it reaches. We might think this benefit would be only for clients/members but family, carers and many others such as SAGE staff, volunteers and trustees all can benefit in different ways. I have seen very distressed or emotionally distant people find connection, joy and relief through the therapeutic intervention of time spent at the allotment. This is often for people who have failed to find relief/support through other agencies. During 30 years as a local GP caring for people with mental health problems I recognise the severe limitations of purely medical approaches, and I am really pleased to be able to give my time to a charity dedicated to providing alternative and additional support for which there is good evidence of effectiveness. I have to thank SAGE for providing some of the most rewarding moments of my professional career. Witnessing SAGE’s positive interventions would lift me on my own darker days. Attending the allotment sites, eg on an open day, is uplifting, as is engaging with the users and hearing their feedback. A great cause worthy of my support.